Wine Not

1st March 2016

IMG_2432Celebrating Monday by being Monochromatic in Maroon … because wine not!IMG_2431IMG_2428

I had a seriously color crush on oxblood over the Fall, I lived in my burgundy OTK boots to be worn with black, navy and all sorts of cool colors. But who says we have to say goodbye to Wine just because Spring is Around the corner? I think this hue still works in a different way by pairing it with unexpected colors like blush and baby blue for a serious statement!IMG_2427IMG_2422

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with going full blown monochrome! There’s nothing quite like overing doing it on a specific color for a head to toe look! There are only a few shades I can actually pull this off with, because A) the color can’t be too harsh, a head to toe orange look is just too much orange and B) I have to actually own a lot of pieces in this color: shoes, coat and even lipstick – so that can be tricky! Oxblood is one of the few hues I can actually make monochromatic work with!IMG_2425FullSizeRender

When I found this oxblood faux fuzzy fur situation, I knew it was the perfect finishing touch for my maroon monochrome machine! It’s crazy warm, has pockets (seriously, why do people even make jackets without pocket – like why) and has a cool – muppet-esque texture that’s playful and fun! I pulled it on over sleek OTK boots, a matching maroon dress and a matching oxblood lip. The only sign of another color is my black bag, that I used to break things up.FullSizeRender 5IMG_2426

Once you go black (cherry) in the lip and look department, you might not go back! If you’re clingy to this color combo but afraid of how to usher it into spring, try an oxblood lip with a leather jacket and a little white dress or a oxblood bootie with a pastel mini (try blush or baby blue) both of these unexpected colors will let you continue to crush on this maroon hue without being out of touch with the season! XXFullSizeRender 9

Coat (similar here, splurge here & here) || Dress || Boots || Bag || Lip 1 + Lip 2


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