Work of Art!

24th September 2015

IMG_7993 I always, always like to look on the bright side, because why not? – and this tendency totally reflects in my outfits!IMG_8042

This skirt if a total work of art!!! But honestly, I never met a crazy colorful skirt I didn’t like, and by like I mean TOTALLY NEED IN MY CLOSET RIGHT NOW! And this patterned little pretty is no exception, I mean COME ON it’s SOOO CUTE and I kind of sort of love it!IMG_8027IMG_8002

A pencil skirt is usually reserved for date night or the office depending on how you wear it, and that’s it but I gave it a fun and flirty vibe with a dash of casual whimsy to make it perfect for Sunday brunch or a day at the museum! A denim jacket is perfect for dressing something down and also super practical when we’re in this in-between weather situation – I tie one around my waist most days just incase!IMG_7925IMG_8035

All of these bright colors of the skirt played with pop accessories and basics up top work together to create a really fun, just totally wearable look for pretty much anything, and the bonus? You can’t help but smile when you wear it, see it or watch it hanging in your closet it – I even flashed some teeth when I picked it up my floor to hang it up with the growing pile of clothes I’ve been avoiding… it’s just that awesome!!IMG_8026

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