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9th June 2015

IMG_0677 “The Fun, Has Arrived” – well at least that’s what this outfit is saying. Nothing attracts attention like bright colors, or serious stripes – except for of course, bright colors and serious stripes – two common themes in today’s outfit.IMG_0686

Okay, so I’ve talked a lot about body image and body empowering lately (I hope you don’t hate me for it, but its really important to me) by now you know that at some point I’ve been super self-conscious about the size of my tush (read how I kind of over-came that here), that I had a serious struggle with accepting my arms and went to crazy measures to try and defeat them (more on that here) and that I used to fear the color yellow (read that little story here) SO now that I am actually in a good place with my self-image and trying to encourage everyone else to be as well, what better way to celebrate the body that got gave me than wearing all three of these insecurities on my sleeve (or lack thereof)?


Today I’m doing just that in a seriously bold and bright look that basically leaves nothing to the imagination – because, if you’re going to show some skin I guess summer is the time to do it! I feel like learning to accept yourself and love yourself as is step one, but flaunting your body and learning to become really proud of who you are, what you look like and whatever progress you’ve achieved (for me, It was replacing a donut for an ego this morning, I mean come on – that’s kind of an improvement right? Even if the ego was covered in Nutella and sprinkles, but whatever, its progress people!).


When your smallest point is your waist (guilty) you always always always want to make it the center of attention. Wearing a high waisted anything can help you easily achieve this, especially when paired with a crop top or peplum top. See how your eye goes right to my waist? Like “BAM I’m small – look at me” lol. Anyways, wearing an angular and off set crop top also helps to emphasize the waist line and the vertical stripes give the illusion of added height – let me remind you I’m 5 foot so heigh is something I’ll never say no to. The length of the pencil skirt also does wonders for adding a little height and modesty, which since  it hug tights all the way down shows off my curves – this midi length helps prevent it from getting too risky. Oh and the best part? This is actually the pencil skirt I wore in yesterdays post here, totally reinvented.


This time last year, I never would have worn an outfit like this, something that clings to my body showing off my behind and exposing my arms? Ha! Forget it! I would like what I thought people thought about me determine my wardrobe of all things. But recently I realized, I don’t claim to know much but I do know clothes! I know how to dress for my body and how to create an unexpected outfit with ease. I know how to mix prints, pair colors and most of all make an entrance – so why was I holding back? I think I owe it to you awesome readers and any girl out there who is a little curvier than the media portrays as acceptable to work with what I got and really own it! If doing so helps one more person do the same then hey, I’m happy!

Click the images below

YELLOW STRIPED CROP TOP: Get the look here or something similar here
YELLOW PENCIL SKIRT: Last seen here get the look here
BABY BLUE ZARA BOW PUMPS: Similar shoes here
CORAL GIGI NEW YORK CLUTCH c/o: get the look here
GOLD LINK BRACELET: Get the look here


43 thoughts on “Loud & Proud

  1. Kaylie O'Connor

    I encourage you to keep talking about being body positive, there are enough people telling women what is wrong with them. Also that color is wonderful on you, you look amazing!

    1. Courtney Quinn Post author

      Yay thanks Esti! I have kind of totally changed my blog content and wasn’t really quite sue if people were loving or hating it so I love getting this sort of feedback from you XOXO

  2. Nora C

    Love this! In all honesty, I have seriously shied away from yellow all my life since I’m Asian and have those yellow undertones to my skin. However, your series on body acceptance and being bold has seriously inspired me to at least try and incorporate a little yellow into my wardrobe now!
    x Nora

    1. Courtney Quinn Post author

      Nora!! this is so great to hear, you totally should! I think summer is the perfect time to give it a whirl! I think if you off set it with blue you’ll look crazy amazing and no one will even notice those undertones, just how freaking awesome you look!

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