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15th October 2016

img_0308As I’m sure you know, I’m a lipstick-aholic, and love love love to wear color on my lips.fullsizerender-3
(wearing always Red Cream Lip Stain)

fullsizerender-5(wearing petal in Luster Matte Long-wear)

Lipstick can be the easiest way to switch up your look, but wearing it can be tough and messy if it’s not done the right way. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect lipstick thats reliable, colorful and affordable, so today I’m sharing my favorite new finds from the surprisingly affordable SEPHORA COLLECTION that I can’t get enough of!


With over 80 eye shadows, 90 lipsticks, 100 eyeliners, and 75 makeup brushes, SEPHORA COLLECTION is designed for you to experiment, express, and explore… all without breaking the bank! It’s full of high-performance skincare, killer tools, must have hues and everything you need to build a killer collection. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, SEPHORA COLLECTION is your invitation to play, sooo let’s do this!img_2309

I like to keep it light in the make up department, a little bit of light around the eyes (Try Colorful Eyeshadow in Sandcastle – Warm beige matte), a flush of color on the cheeks (Try the blushing for you palette to create a color for any lip ), and mascara (try Lashcraft for length and volume). I really like to draw attention to two places – my browns using a combo of Tinted Borw Freeze in Dark and of course, bold lips!.

Right now, I love that matte lips are having a major moment! Even before they popped up on the map, I was a primarily matte girl for a few reasons I can’t wait to share


All of the reasons why I love a matte lip
Long Wear –
I love a matte lip because you can wear it all day without fail. I’m always wearing lipstick, so I get constant questions about long wear and no fail options that can keep you vibrant from sun up to sun down. Believe me, I’m not some enigma that magically prevents lipstick from collecting on her teeth, face and everywhere in between – I just use matte lips that stay in place and last all day, that’s the secret!
Photogenic – Matte lips are bold and strong, so they show up better on a face, make a bigger statement and look best in a photo. Ultimately I also think they look better in person, but that might just be a personal preference.
No Icky Sticky – I hardly ever wear shiny lipstick and I don’t dare to do gloss because I hate that icky, sticky situation that occurs when your hair sticks to your gloss, yuck! It drives me crazy, so a matte lip can keep your lips stick free!
A Real Kiss – If you’re wearing a neutral color, a matte lip it looks more natural then a bright shiny gloss or lusty kisser, so it just makes a bold yet seamless look really come to life.

But nothings perfect, there are a few downsides to a matte lip.
The Con – Although I love a matte lip, it does usually come with some downsides. Most mattes are drying and often stale they can leave your lips crusty and cracking. Ready for the upside? Not only are the SEPHORA COLLECTION matte’s here to stay, they’re not as drying as your average matte and don’t crack or crust. If you layer vaseline or chapstick under before you apply and use vaseline again followed by a lip scrub before washing with make up remover or face wash.


I’m breaking down my favorite lip colors and why!


A Red Lip is my go-to for almost every day. I know it’s kind of bold, but I like that it makes a statement. I dress it up or down and wear it with pretty much everything. I used to be a frequent wearer of Ruby Woo by Mac but it’s just so dang drying I couldn’t take it anymore – I tried Cream Lip Stain in Always Red from SEPHORA COLLECTION on a whim and now I’m hooked, lined or unlined, this crimson cutie does the jobimg_3972
Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Always Red Cream Lip Stain for an easy apply red lip (pictured), or combine SEPHORA COLLECTION rouge gel liner in “it’s cherry” before adding long wear lip color in “ruby luster”

A Pinky Pout can also make a statement. Although red is my jam, I have been recently trying a soft pink pout with a mauve hue, it’s my twist on the currently trendy nude lip that’s a little less sultry and a bit more me. Since I’m all about wearing bits of blush this season, a pink pout is becoming almost as common as my signature red.
Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Pink Souffle, Cherry Blossom, Marvelous Mauve or Infinite Rose depending on your skin color – with mine, I can wear all of them, but Mauve and Souffle are my favs! Petal in Luster Matte Long-wear is also a goodie!

img_0298Orange Crush is a win-win and another go-to of mine, especially in the summer. Sometimes red is just too red, or you want a lip to match your orange look so a red/orange lip can make an unexpected pop with a bold twist.

Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rock Queen (pictured with blue background) or SEPHORA COLLECTION Lip Last Lipstick in Orange Matte. You can also mix thinks up by layerinng Cream Lip Stain in Madarin Muse under Luster Long-wear lip in Coral Luster (pictured, seflie)

A Pink Pop is youthful yet edgy. A color I wear a little less, but that’s still in my rotation is a bright pink! This is perfect for a fuchsia dress or even an all black look. While red can glam up a basic ensemble or give it retro flair, a hot pink pout can give an electric statement to a white tee and jean combo or add a girly edge to a black motto jacket. You can also just give full on legally blonde realness (sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of drag race lately!) with a pink on pink look.IMG_8312

Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Whipped Blush (pictured)


Vampire Vibes are in this season! With fall in full swing, I can’t help but paint on a dark, burgundy lip. This look brings the drama to an all oxblood outfit, pairs perfectly with a fall floral print, looks great with navy or black stripes and can also make an all black look totally rock! I’m not an edgy gal, but I love that this dark color gives some unexpected ferocity to my usually style, which is usually on the the sweeter side.img_3974

Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet (pictured) or Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic

img_0303MWAH!img_3975Thanks to Sephora for partnering on this post XO

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